Flippr has permanently closed

From Kibi in the Flippr Discord server:

Hey, everyone. This is going to be difficult for all of you to hear, but most of you had to know it was inevitable.

Flippr development has been halted for over a month. Since the attacks on staff accounts (there was no breach, all data was safe), not much has occurred. We planned to release an HTML5 version of Flippr, but we encountered some speed bumps. Funding was the most prominent issue. As costs in the real world began to rise, no one was able to fund the game anymore, let alone buy software to convert the game to HTML5.

And as you all remember, Dman went on a temporary leave. But if it were not for this announcement, Dman would have been announcing his full resignation in a couple days. If it wasn’t obvious, Dman is a very important part of Flippr. Managing the game without him was going to be a daunting task.

Overall, the admins have all just lost motivation and interest. None of us are very interested in Club Penguin as a whole anymore, and people who aren’t passionate about the game should not be running it. No work has been done because it’s essentially a chore for us.

Taking that all into consideration, the admins and I have decided that we are going to be closing Flippr effective immediately. The discord server will remain open by most channels will be deleted. The admins and I will consider other possibilities for this discord server (not crypto, don’t ask).

And finally… we’re sorry. Sorry for waiting so long with nothing being done to let you all know about this. But it was a tough conclusion for us to come to.

And that’s that. Flippr is closing, and it will not be brought back. Flippr is inevitably destined to fail. In the words of Sandor, Flippr is cursed.

Thank you for everything, everyone. You’re the greatest community we could have ever asked for.

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